Our executive team has decades of experience in security, IT, science, healthcare, and engineering. Together, we’re leading the charge to make trust a transformative catalyst in every market and community we serve.


    Julian Lin - Chairman and Founder

    Mr. Lin Tzung-Liang (林宗良) is a Controlling Shareholder of our Company and has been a Director of our Company since June 3, 2016. On September 5, 2018, Mr. Lin was appointed as the Chairman of the Board and designated as an executive Director. Since Mr. Lin joined our Group, he has been the driving force behind the development, growth and expansion of our Group’s business. Mr. Lin is primarily responsible for formulating the overall development strategies and business plans and overseeing the operations of our Group. Mr. Lin is also a director of several of our principal operating entities. 

    Mr. Lin founded VTC Electronics in 1995 and has been an entrepreneur since then. Mr. Lin has over 20 years of investment and management experience in various industries including healthcare industry. 
    Mr. Lin obtained his bachelor’s degree in Business AdministrationSoochow University in June 1987, and his master’s degree in Business AdministrationPeking University in July 2016.

    Mike Sheehan - Chief Executive Officer

    Mr. Michael James Sheehan has been with our Group for over 14 years, and he joined our Group as a director of USA deView (a member of our Group) in June 2004. He was responsible for incorporating USA deView, a wholly-owned subsidiary of our Group for the purpose of introducing the company’s products to North America. In June 2010, while retaining all of his current responsibilities, he was named to the board of directors of the parent company VTC Electronics and held this position until June 2016. In this capacity, Mr. Sheehan was subsequently given the additional responsibility of overseeing our Group’s operations in the United Kingdom. In April 2012, Mr. Sheehan was named group chief executive officer of the parent company VTC Electronics and remained in that position until the reorganization of VTC Electronics which separated the CCTV Businessthe Listing Business. Following the reorganization, Mr. Sheehan devoted his time exclusively to the operations of our Group in the capacity of Chief Executive Officer and was appointed as an executive Director on September 5, 2018. In this role, Mr. Sheehan is primarily responsible for overseeing the management and operation of our Group’s overall business, including the development of our business model, technology development and selection, development of our business growth strategies, our Group’s decision making processes and organizational structure, and the management of day to day operations. Mr. Sheehan is also a director of several of our principal operating entities. 

    Prior to joining our Group in 2004, Mr. Sheehan was with Honeywell1995 to 2004 and by the time he left, he was named the Vice President of Six Sigma, a position which he held until he joined our Group as a director of USA deView in 2004. 
    Mr. Sheehan obtained his bachelor’s degree in Apparel Merchandisingthe College of Arts and Sciences at Indiana University Bloomington in May 1991.

    Charles Christopherson – Chief Financial Officer

    Charles Christopherson is responsible for leading and developing the company’s global financial strategy, accounting, tax, treasury, asset management, capitalization, and investor relations. 

    Through his career, Charles has built trust, created value, and delivered extraordinary results in technology operations that have spanned 170 countries. His prior positions include a dual role as British Telecom’s CFO & board member for BT America and BT Global Services CFO, responsible for the Pharmaceutical, Chemical, and CPG global verticals; senior vice president IBU for Global Administrative Solutions at SAP SE, responsible for the solution and business development for financial, human capital, business intelligence, analytical, and mobility solutions; and Cabinet Official, CFO and CIO of USDA, a government entity that conducts over a billion in annual nutritional research and supports over $80 billion in food and nutritional assistance around the globe.
    Charles has served on the Board of Directors for several companies and organizations, including the Commodity Credit Corporation, the Graduate School USA, Boys and Girls Club of Arlington, National Kidney Foundation of Colorado, New Mexico, Montana and Wyoming. He earned a bachelor’s degree in accountingBrigham Young University, an MBAUniversity of Oregon, and is a licensed CPA in Washington. 

    David Taylor - Chief Innovation Officer

    Mr. David Edward Taylor, is the Chief Innovation Officer of our Group with overall responsibility for Technology and Operations, including overseeing the overall management of our healthcare technology platform, technology and product innovation teams, and our services teams, and assisting with the development of our Group’s business, annual plans and strategic business plans. Mr. Taylor joined our Group in February 2016. 

    Prior to joining our Group, Mr. Taylor was involved in the field of healthcare technology for over 10 years. Between December 2003 and December 2015, Mr. Taylor served at Trintech Inc., holding a number of roles including the Director of Finance and Strategy in 2003, Vice President (Strategy)2006 to 2011 and the Executive Vice President (Product and Marketing Platforms (Cloud))2011 to 2015. Between May 2015 and February 2016, 
    Mr. Taylor served as the Vice President (Product Management) of nThrive (formerly known as Medassets, Inc.). Mr. Taylor was admitted to Associate Membership at the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants in November 2005, and obtained his master’s degree in Business Administrationthe University of Texas at Dallas in August 2008.

    Michael McDonald - Chief Operating Officer

    Mr. Michael McDonald is the Chief Operating Officer responsible for delivering trust to our customers by establishing and implementing innovative people and facility strategies that optimize credentialing and customer interaction to every global customer. 

    Prior to joining IntelliCentrics, Mr. McDonald was involved in the technology and operations field. Most recently, he was executive vice president, Operations and Manufacturing, at Peacock Alley,he played a transformational role in growing the company three times faster than the industry rate. Prior to Peacock Alley, Mr. McDonald was with Everthread, a Series A technology startup that offers a SaaS platform to mid- to large-sized retail clients looking to increase e-commerce and in-store sales. In this role, he consulted on service delivery operations, legal and organizational structure. In addition to his success and diverse experiences in operational leadership, Mr. McDonald is a Texas licensed attorney with extensive international deal-making experience in the software industry and brings his legal acumen to his professional roles as a value-add.
    Mr. McDonald was admitted to the Texas State Bar in 1993. He earned a bachelor’s degree in Business AdministrationConcordia College and his Juris DoctorLouisiana State University.